About Us

FiBAC is a distribution company whose mission is to offer a variety of products to consumers in the Baltic States. We have a wide contact network around the world, and we are doing our best to find the most interesting and most suitable products for the consumers in the region. Amongst our clients are the Baltics' biggest retailers and office & hotel suppliers.
We want to please our Baltics’ consumers with interesting products. We are creative and curious about finding products from all over the world that would find a place in people’s homes, and in their gardens.

FiBAC is the sole distributor in the Baltics of the following brands:
- LotusGrill (smokeless charcoal grills)
- Patton (grills)
- EKO (pedal bins)
- WinyBar (wine dispencers)

CURIOSITY – we want to be childishly curious, ask and get answers
CREATIVITY – we are creative in finding, and presenting new products
BENEVOLENCE –  our attitude towards our partners is as to our family – caring and thoughtful
HONESTY – we are honest even when it is not in our best interest